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Build A High Performance
Field / Tech / Retail
Sales Team.

Amplify your Field Tech/Sales Team's Results.

Provide the training and skills that your business AND field sales team needs and wants.

Make sales a true Competitive Differentiator.

Our Mission

SIMPLE: Help Build the most competitive sales team in your industry.

Do they know what to say?

Are they practiced and comfortable at saying it?

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Tech Services.



Build your company's 'best practice' messaging with automated role play and learning science.

 Why CodeBlue?

10 Reasons:


  • Equip your sales team with Skills and knowledge.

  • Don't just get by - THRIVE.

  • Close more sales.

  • Develop sales communication skills that deliver results.

  • Succeed in a competitive market.

  • Grow the busines you envision.

  • Establish long lasting customer relationships.

  • Reduce sales team turnover.

  • Attract the best field sales reps.

  • Build sales expertise that is a competitive differentiator.

We 'Get IT'.

Competing in your market is tough.

Differentiation of your products and services is an ongoing challenge.

As a business owner/leader lying awake at night thinking about to grow can

prove to be frustrating.

One solution you can control is to make the skills of your sales team a real and actual element of your product or service.

Schedule a FREE, no obligation one-hour consultation. 

Build A Team of CodeBlue Sales Tigers.

Proven Pathways to Field Tech/Sales Success.

Sales Organization Debrief

A series of virtual interactions designed to extract and derive the essentials of what is and what is not working. The end result is a documented de-brief of the vital points that need to be addressed, fixed, added  or removed. It is an intense all hands experience.

Sales Rep Skills Development

Practice, practice practice.

Specifically crafted scenarios that teach and test each rep in a weekly on-going 'practice session' to engage in a simulated prospect encounter.

Watch the best rise to the occasion.

Sales Training Deployment and Management

This is actually the toughest element and aspect of sales training.  Tracking, monitoring and managing the actual execution conduct of training sales team members and the sales team as a group. We do that for you.

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