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"I have worked with Mike Radice for over 40 years.  He is a sales process genius who can help any sales executive quickly install a professional and disciplined selling regimen.

In addition, he can work with sales and product management to create a method to manage the sales cycle and the prospect pipeline to outstanding results.


Finally, Mike is one of the best presenters I have ever encountered.


You owe it to yourself to engage with Mike Radice and greatly improve your sales results"

-- John H.

Allow me to explain, please.

I am at a stage in my career and in my life when I can choose to do things that are very special. Such as working with only a few companies to help them sort out and remedy the sales challenge they face.

I am not interested in touring around to deliver 'motivational seminars' or to re-spout what may have worked for some other companies. I AM interested in working with executives dedicated to their companies and sales careers and who want their companies to succeed and their sales teams to really deliver. 

They know they have real problems. This is why I have created:




If you believe you have BIG, real  problems , issues and challenges then give me a call to learn how we can sort it all out.

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"I had the tremendous opportunity to work with Mike Radice as a CEO for over 7 years. During that time, I learned more about leadership, marketing and the art of the sale than at any other time in my career. I still look to Mike to ensure I'm on top of the most innovative ways of creating assets for, enabling and working with sales to ensure the best possible conversations and  outcomes. Mike's methodologies for sales have always, always put the customer's needs at center of any discussion and he excels at helping sales teams to grow and learn how to focus on and best serve those needs to not only close a sale, but to create customers for life."

-- Andrea T.


Over my 50-year career in technology services, I have been a sales support rep, salesman, product manager, VP pf Strategic Planning, Global Marketing Manager, CEO and served on two Boards.


I was responsible for:

Selling the U.S. Internal Revenue Service on the original creation of electronic filing of income tax returns.

Selling the American Institute of CPA’s on building the first library of computer applications to automate auditing.

The Global Marketing that led to the building of global telecommunications Data Network that reached 175 countries.

Building, as CEO, the largest utility billing system for the multi-family real estate industry.

As the marketing executive for two companies that conducted two successful IPOs one on NASDAQ and the other on the NYSE.

Founded a robotics company that annually conducted the largest ‘NAO humanoid robot’ Conference

Writing the book titled: Reality-based Marketing

Over the span of my experience, I have created and managed partnership marketing programs with and/or conducted sales and marketing training programs for some of the world’s leading companies such as:

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Computer Language Research

Plus many more...


Let's connect.

Phone: 512-461-7162


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