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Do You Know How Your Prospects 'tick'?

The Internet changed how prospects buy. Virtual selling has changed how sales sells. Clearly, the current sales playing field has shifted in favor of the buyer along with buying decision momentum. Research tells us that 30% to 40% of the decision process in buying has already been accomplished by the buyer before a first sales contact is made. This means that by the time you make direct contact, the prospect is already well along in their buying mindset. They've done their research, and now they're just looking for you to confirm that decision. Buyers already know a lot about you and your solution. How much do you know about them?

Even if the buyer is potentially speaking with you to justify eliminating your option as a solution, you can now use AI to re-rail your status back on to a positive track. If your potential solution is already the favored choice, you can further protect that status.

AI is now available that can help you do all of this and create a more level sales playing field.

Our AI enables you to now “know” your prospect before you call— that means you can de-code their personality traits, values and more, all in advance of contact, all done from an AI analysis derived from a single photograph. That’s right from one photograph!

With this AI you can create a personalized sales approach unique to each prospect based on what AI has told you about that prospect. At a minimum AI can give you an edge over other salespeople in your industry who don't use this technology. This AI sales technology is now available from

To be successful in winning business you need to know your prospect better than competition -before you call. You need to know what makes your prospect ‘tick’ and how they think such that you can relate your message directly and specifically for them and create an effective sales approach that adds more support for a decision in your favor. Selling can now be accomplished in a personalized manner that a prospect is most comfortable with. What better way to build the always needed trust?

It's not just about what you say—it's about how you say it. Which means that as a salesperson, your job isn't just about knowing your product or service well enough to provide a compelling product pitch. It's about knowing your prospect personally well enough to create a personalized sales approach crafted just for them, an approach based on their unique personality traits and values.

One of the proto-typical major failings and difficulties sales reps’ face is that they don’t have enough

information about the prospect as a person and decision maker. A lot of precious time is spent uncovering a prospect’s ‘mindset’ and their decision-making model. With you can secure the needed rapid rapport with the buyer because you know in advance just how to personalize your communications with them and in a manner consistent with how they think.

Research also points to the fact that a significantly large number of buyers find sales reps to be unprepared for the interaction. What better way to highlight your preparedness than to know ‘the who’ you are speaking with? AI can create a winning sales style that will positively differentiate you from competition. We all know that winning sales reps are seen as masters of creating a quick rapport. Creating this rapport helps build up a needed ‘personal’ reason on the part of a buyer to decide to buy from you because you ‘understand’ and can relate to them. At a minimum ‘knowing’ your prospect in advance will contribute to building the needed trust required to decide in your favor.

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