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Is Your Sales Organization Broken?

Is Your Company or Your Career  
Now On The Line Because of Sales?

Is It 'Show Time' To Get Absolutely Serious About Sales?

Have you asked yourself : "Can't They Sell Anyone Anything?"

We Do The Tough, Rigorous, Hardcore Sales Fixing.

Sales Organization Analysis

This is a one week intervention with interactions designed to extract and derive the essentials of what is and what is not working. Includes an AI analysis to de-code the personality traits of successful sales representatives.  The end result is a documented de-brief of the vital points that need to be addressed, fixed, added  or removed. It is an intense all hands experience.

Sales Staff Evaluation

Interviewing your current sales reps for retention or termination is tough business.

Who should stay and who should go can be very difficult.  Understanding the  impact on current customers and new business pipeline is critical. But some times, decisions need to be made.

Sales Process De-coding 

Can you explain via a documented process how your most effective sales process works? Don't have one? This triage protocol utilizes a proven sales process as the basis for creating and documenting a sales process  that works.

Sales Pre-hire Evaluation

Interviewing and screening potential sales reps can be challenging -separating personality from actual skills -  identifying work ethic and ability and the proven capacity  to commit to one of the most challenging  careers in business needs rigor.

Sales Practices Installation

This is actually the toughest element and aspect of sales triage. Learning how to track, monitor and day to day manage the actual execution conduct of sales team members and the sales team as a group.

Deal Loss Reviews

In most cases this is the critical starting point. Having a third party interview and assess 'what did or did not happen during sales losses can reveal a treasure trove of essential corrective actions.

You'd be surprised what a lost prospect or customer will disclose.

Sales and Marketing Integration

Successful sales results from a company wide engagement.

Building products is necessary but selling product is the end the prime game. How well integrated and aligned  is marketing, product and service support with the sales process?

Prospect De-coding

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology now allows pre-call de-coding of a prospects personality traits and values such that a personalized approach can be prepared to significantly increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

Sales Rep Technique Training

Practice, practice practice.

Specifically crafted scenarios test each rep in a weekly on-going 'practice contest' to engage in a simulated prospect encounter.

Watch the best rise to the occasion.

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