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Sales Engineering

Creating Competitive Sales Advantage.
The Strategy:
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Are You Ready for it?

Capture the Power of AI in Sales Ops.

Welcome to xSELLeration.





There is a game-changing revolution happening in sales ops. One you may not have seen or experienced yet, but you will. The revolution? Advances in Artificial Intelligence that are transforming the competitive sales landscape. AI is literally redefining and restructuring how sales reps and sales teams work and compete. As in any moment of change, there will be losers and winners. Now is one of those moments. As a CSO or CEO, are you taking action to adjust to the new competitive era of AI-powered sales ops?

Artificial Intelligence is aggressively redefining the Sales Ops landscape. Building a competitive advantage and being a sales leader means aggressively embracing the necessity and the speed of change.

We provide the diagnostics, analysis, and pathways for adopting leading AI Solutions in Sales Ops. Our AI-powered Solutions drive future Sales OPS success and create competitive advantages.

AI/ML use in Sales OPS is no longer a vision, it has arrived on the scene as a requirement for sustainable revenue growth and competitive advantage.

At xSELLeration, we build premier sales organizations. We lead the way forward with our AI-powered, knowledge-based, experience-driven sales engineering solutions.

Sure, there is a lot that defines sales ops. Our exclusive focus is on the performance, skills, and tools of the SDR team and its members.

Our mission: build the most competitive sales ops teams.

If that is also your goal let us move forward together, now, and fast.

Our 3-point strategy is clear and direct:

  1. Use AI to create a sales force multiplier.

  2. Reduce SDR time spent on non-selling time activities.

  3. Define and create sustainable competitive advantages.


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Know What Makes Your Prospects 'tick' BEFORE You Call.

xSelleration's Sales AI enables you to decode your prospect's personality traits and values, all derived by processing a single photo. Learn how to best prepare for a sales call - virtual or face-to-face.

Turn Lead Processing into a Competitive Advantage.


xSELLeration's Sales AI accelerates the in-inbound processing of leads ensuring that leads and inquiries are properly distributed and assigned in real time. Eliminate time consuming lead management. Speed prospect response know that 70% of prospects buy from the first company to contact them.


Audio-based Sales Call Training Interaction Platform.

Define and deploy an interactive audio platform that allows your sales team to practice and perfect responses to challenging prospect objections and questions. The use of real-time audio interactions will empower sales representatives with confidence.


Use experience-driven analytics to identify and correct specific sales performance weaknesses in individuals and teams.

xSELLeration's algorithmic processing of sales performance metrics enables sales leaders to focus on what and where attention and skills improvements are needed and to instantly assign training tasks.

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Free One Hour Consultation.

Let's explore together the new dynamics of sales process engineering in the age of AI.

Hire and assign the right person for the right sales tasks.

xSELLeration's AI enables you to assess the personality traits for identifying and selecting the best candidate for sales positions and assignments.

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